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Y2X Life Sciences Safe Disinfection For Medical Settings


Healthcare settings with high patient and visitor turnover can harbor pathogens that pose risks to patients and staff. Increase disinfection…

Y2X Life Sciences HOCl Products And Technologies For Hospitality


According to the EPA, bacteria and germs are the second leading cause of foodborne illness in the U.S. Our fast-acting,…

Y2X Life Sciences Safe Disinfection For Schools


The greatest number of high-touch surfaces on school campuses are located in classrooms where students regularly rotate. Our disinfectant kills…

Y2X Life-Sciences HOCl Based Products And Technologies For Entertainment Venues

Entertainment Venues

Ensuring stadiums and large event centers are disinfected is a monumental undertaking. Keep it simple with our convenient and fast-acting…

Y2X Life Sciences HOCl Disinfection For Fitness Centers


Disinfect machines, equipment, and objects, including those touched by bare skin with our sports gear sanitizer that is tough on…

Y2X Life-Sciences HOCl Disinfection For Corporate Settings And Real Estate


Elevate your green cleaning initiatives and stop the spread of germs with our all-purpose broad spectrum disinfectant that is both…

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