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Bringing innovation to disinfection

Effective and safe products disrupting the transmission of infectious disease

About Our Team

Y2X Life Sciences is a New York-based company developing solutions to disrupt disease transmission.  The company’s management and advisors are a team of science and technology-driven bioscientists, engineers, and regulatory experts.  

We are ambitious and dedicated in our pursuit of solutions that provide safe environments, prevent future pandemics, and give people the confidence to move safely in the world.

About Y2X Life Sciences Leadership

About Y2X Life Sciences Leadership

About Y2X Life Sciences Consultants

About our Consultants

About Y2X Life Sciences Advisors


Dick Gephardt

US House Representative - 1976-2004

Matt Kennedy

Founder/Managing Partner - Converge

Morana Jovan

PhD, Managing Partner/Founder - F2 Ventures

Bonnie Glick

Advisor - CSIS

Jared Shapiro

Dr PhC, MPH, Senior Director - Montefiore

Sam Natapoff

PhD, President - Empire Global Ventures

Rifat Atun

Professor - Global Health Systems, Harvard University

David Elisofon

Financial Advisor

David Moran

Entrepreneur/Co-Founder - Eversight

Donato Tramuto

Global Health Activist and Former CEO - Tivity Health

Lauren Arnold

PhD, RN, Co-Founder - HealthPrecision

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