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Bringing innovation to disinfection

Effective and safe products disrupting the transmission of infectious disease

About Our Team

At Y2X Life Sciences, we’re about developing innovative and effective products and technologies that disrupt the transmission of diseases

About Y2X Life Sciences Leadership

About Y2X Life Sciences Leadership

Tom Cirrito, PhD Is CEO Of Y2X Life Sciences, A Serial Entrepreneur, Inventor, And Founder Of Multiple Companies In The Life Sciences
Tom Cirrito, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
About David Shuler Is Founder And President Of Y2X Life Sciences
About Todd Haselhorst Is COO Of Y2X Life Sciences. He Brings More Than 15 Years Of Operations And Logistics Expertise And Experience In Technology, Automation, And Agile Process Development To Its Consultants Team.
Todd Haselhorst
Chief Operations Officer
About Dori V. Karjian Joins The Leadership Team Of Y2X Life Sciences, Serving As General Counsel
Dori V Karjian
General Counsel

About Y2X Life Sciences Consultants

About our Consultants

Kent Moser
Manny Leon
Corporate Controller
James E Shapiro
James E. Shapiro
Business Development
Liz Bruce
Liz Bruce
About Y2X Life Sciences Is Here To Answer Your Frequently Asked Questions. Our Team Has Extensive Experience In Gaining Regulatory Approvals And Bringing Innovative Pharmaceutical Products To Market

About Y2X Life Sciences Advisors


Mohammed Al Fardan

Regional Vice President for the Middle East

Dick Gephardt

US House Representative - 1976-2004

Matt Kennedy

Founder/Managing Partner - Converge

Bonnie Glick

Advisor - CSIS

Jared Shapiro

Dr PhC, MPH, Senior Director - Montefiore

Sam Natapoff

PhD, President - Empire Global Ventures

Morana Jovan

PhD, Managing Partner/Founder - F2 Ventures

Rifat Atun

Professor - Global Health Systems, Harvard University

David Elisofon

Financial Advisor

David Moran

Entrepreneur/Co-Founder - Eversight

Donato Tramuto

Global Health Activist and Former CEO - Tivity Health

Lauren Arnold

PhD, RN, Co-Founder - HealthPrecision

Y2X Life Sciences is actively engaged in groundbreaking research and development limiting the scope and spread of future pandemics and epidemics. Our leadership team, advisors, and consultants have extensive experience in the biosciences, gaining regulatory approvals, and bringing innovative pharmaceutical products to market. Our products and services apply to a broad spectrum of industries and environments.

Our vision is to change the way people think about disinfection. Our goal is to create healthier environments by developing innovative products and technologies. Our purpose is to safely and sustainably limit the spread of disease across economic and cultural borders for the greatest global impact.

All of us at Y2X Life Sciences are ambitious and dedicated in our pursuit to leverage technology that saves lives, ensures safe environments, and prevents future pandemics.

Contact us to learn how the scientists and experts at Y2X Life Sciences can help you keep your facilities safe.

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