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Confidence to move safely
in the world

Highly effective and safe disinfectant and sanitizer products that kill coronavirus and other pathogens

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Safer disinfection
for healthier

Our vision is to change the way people think about disinfection by developing innovative products and technologies that cross economic and cultural borders to make the greatest global impact.

There is an urgent need for effective and safe disinfectants and sanitizers

Since 2000, the world has experienced more than 74 pandemics and epidemics, including COVID, SARS, MERS, Ebola, and Swine Flu

Yet, the disinfection industry has not experienced significant innovation in over 30 years

Hypochlorous (HOCl)
is safer and
more effective

  • Kills coronavirus 99.9%, plus other viruses and bacteria
  • Registered on the EPA’s “List N” as effective against coronavirus and dozens of other pathogens
  • FDA approved for use as an oral rinse for gingivitis, in eye-drop form for pink-eye, and on skin for healing wounds 
  • Made with clean, simple ingredients 
  • No harmful residue or odor; breaks down into salt and water

Our hospital-grade disinfectants and sanitizers are available for large-scale use in any environment

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