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Confidence to safely host events and entertain

Y2X Life Sciences_Entertainment_Pre Event
Pre-Event Disinfection

Ensuring stadiums and large event centers are disinfected is a monumental undertaking. Keep it simple with our convenient and fast-acting all-purpose, antibacterial, sanitizing solution for commercial and institutional use. Made with clean, clear ingredients, it produces no fumes and leaves behind no chemical residue. Rinse-free. Just spray and walk away. 

Y2X Life Sciences_Entertainment_Ongoing
Ongoing Disinfection

Greener cleaning initiatives often result in increased time and labor and may not be effective against dangerous pathogens. Keep your venue safe and smelling clean and fresh while elevating operational safety protocols with our revolutionary pH balanced disinfectant that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, coronavirus, and other viruses. Leaves behind no chemical residue.

Y2X Life Sciences_Entertainment_Post Event
Post-Event Disinfection

Following an event or team practice, thorough disinfection is key to reducing the future spread of germs and illness. Our fast-acting all-purpose solution for commercial and institutional use saves you time and labor by killing 99.9% of viruses on hard, non-porous surfaces in ten minutes (kills bacteria in five minutes) without wiping or the added cost of gloves and PPE.

Y2X Life Sciences_Entertainment_Entrances

Stop the spread of germs at your venue’s point of entry with our Hypochlorous solutions that kill a wide variety of bacteria, fungi, coronavirus, norovirus and more. Made with simple ingredients and really smart science, our products meet high regulatory standards for efficacy, yet contain no alcohol, added fragrance, dyes, or harsh chemicals.

Y2X Life Sciences_Entertainment_Training Rooms
Training Rooms

Disinfect sports gear and equipment with our all-purpose sanitizing solution. Gentle enough for use on any hard, nonporous surface, yet 99.9% effective against germs, viruses, MRSA, Athlete’s Foot, and more. Also, eliminates bacteria causing odors. Convenient rinse-free formula requires no wiping. Simply spray and walk away.

Y2X Life Sciences_Entertainment_Public Restrooms
Public Restrooms

Our fast-acting solutions for industrial use tackle the toughest sanitation jobs. Reduce time, labor, and eliminate the need for PPE, rags and buckets with the latest in disinfection technology. Kills germs and stops fungi where water and moisture accumulate. Destroys bacteria that causes odors, leaving your facilities smelling clean and fresh. 

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