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Operate Stadiums and Practice Facilities More Safely with Non-toxic, Highly Effective HOCl Disinfectant.

Return to the Field and Host Events Safely

Non-Toxic Disinfection Solutions for Stadiums and Events.

Pre-Event Disinfection

Pre-Event Disinfection

The CDC recommends a higher frequency of disinfection. Keeping stadiums equipment, and practice facilities clean and virus free is a monumental undertaking. Our HOCl-based disinfectant delivers superior results and is EPA registered to kill a wide variety of bacteria, fungi, and viruses, including MRSA, staph, coronavirus and the notoriously difficult to kill norovirus. It is completely non-toxic, requires no PPE, and leaves no harmful odor or residue that can irritate skin. Our cordless electrostatic sprayers with 36° technology are the best way to apply our non-toxic disinfectants and come in handheld, roller cart, and backpack models. They use significantly less solution and require less manpower. One person can disinfect up to 54,000 sq. ft. with one gallon of solution in under an hour.

Frequent Disinfection

Frequent Disinfection

Greener cleaning initiatives can improve operational efficiency, but often are not strong enough to manage virus and bacteria around players, staff and fans. Our non-toxic HOCl-based disinfectant is EPA registered as 99.9% effective against coronavirus. Ready to use, disinfection protocols can be increased safely and effectively around food and people. No PPE or the need to evacuate environments is required because It produces no harsh fumes that can irritate eyes or airways and leaves no harmful residue that might irritate skin. Our electrostatic sprayers are ideal for on-the-go disinfection, delivering more coverage faster and without pooling. Simply spray and walk away. No need to wipe dry.

Post-Event Disinfection

Post-Event Disinfection

Thoroughly disinfecting after an event inside and outside of a facility or practice is a unique challenge. Our HOCl-based disinfectants have undergone significant laboratory testing and meet high regulatory standards for efficacy against a wide range of bacteria, fungi, and viruses, including coronavirus and Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Studies show that high concentrations of quaternary ammonium and bleach-based products are corrosive and may not be suitable for some environments. Our HOCl-based disinfectants contain no harsh chemicals and break down into simple salt and water. Our electrostatic sprayers with 360° technology are ideal for treating hard-to-reach places and aid in the removal of lingering odors.

The greatest concerns posed by owners, GM's, managers, and players around safely disinfecting stadiums, practice facilities and event centers are answered by our HOCl-based disinfectants.

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HOCl is completely non-toxic to humans, plants, food, and animals, even in high concentrations

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Electrostatic sprayers reduce the risk of cross-contamination and prevent runoff for a 75 time reduction in waste*

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HOCl is on the EPA’s List N of approved disinfectants for eliminating dangerous bacteria, fungi, and viruses, including coronavirus and MRSA

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Electrostatic sprayers require significantly less liquid disinfectant than traditional models to significantly reduce overall, long-term disinfection costs

HOCl has a wide range of industry applications and has been used as a disinfectant for more than 100 years

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In consumer product reviews, janitorial services saved from 50-64% on disinfectant and 45-70% on manpower

We assist owners, teams, and event managers in choosing the right
disinfectants and technologies that help keep fans thriving and stadiums and events safe.

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