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We Provide the Retail Industry with Revolutionary Non-toxic Disinfectant that Helps Keep Customers Shopping and Employees Safe.

Ensure Customers Are Shopping Safely

Non-toxic Disinfection Solutions for the Retail Industry

Retail Spaces

Comprehensive Disinfection for Retail Spaces

The CDC recommends daily diligence in disinfection for customers and high-touch surfaces. Entrances, cash registers, EFT devices, TVMs, and self-serve products are all possible centers for transmission for pathogens. Easy to use, our HOCl disinfectant products meet high regulatory standards for efficacy and have undergone significant laboratory testing. They kill a wide variety of bacteria and fungi and are EPA registered as 99.9% effective against coronavirus, the notoriously hard to kill norovirus, and other viruses, including Bacterial meningitis, flu, Hepatitis A and B, HIV/AIDS, MRSA, Measles, and Tuberculosis.

Customers and Workers

Safe Disinfection for Customers and Workers

Increase your disinfection frequency for large and small high-traffic areas safely and effectively with our powerful non-toxic HOCl disinfectants. Ready to use, they are multi-purpose, work in any environment, ideal for repeated daily use, and safe in high concentrations around people, plants, and animals. They do not require the use of PPE, nor is there a need to interrupt customers while shopping. Our HOCl-based disinfectants produce no fumes that can irritate your eyes or airways, leave behind no harmful residue that can harm skin, and are even safe for use around food.

Cost Effective Disinfection

Cost Effective Disinfection

Our electrostatic sprayers are the most efficient way to apply our non-toxic disinfectants. Electrostatics use less aqueous solution and require less manpower to significantly reduce overall and long-term disinfection costs. Choose from any of our compact cordless models that deliver 360° comprehensive coverage faster and with less waste. Ideal for treating areas large and small, one person can disinfect an average room in under three minutes and up to 54,000 sq. ft. with a single gallon of solution in an hour. Electrostatics also prevent pooling. Simply spray and walk away.

The Biggest Concerns Posed by Store Managers and VP's in the Retail Industry are Answered by Our HOCl-based Disinfectant.

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HOCl is completely non-toxic to humans, plants, food, and animals, even in high concentrations

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Electrostatic sprayers reduce the risk of cross-contamination and prevent runoff for a 75% time reduction in waste*

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HOCl is on the EPA’s List N of approved disinfectants for eliminating dangerous bacteria, fungi, and viruses, including coronavirus and MRSA

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Electrostatic sprayers require significantly less liquid disinfectant than traditional models to significantly reduce overall, long-term disinfection costs

HOCl has a wide range of industry applications and has been used as a disinfectant for more than 100 years

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In consumer product reviews, janitorial services saved from 50-64% on disinfectant and 45-70% on manpower

We assist the retail industry in choosing the right disinfectants and technologies
that help keep customers and workers safe.

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