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Y2X-201 Hypochlorous Therapeutic solution for the prevention of severe covid

Y2X-201 Therapeutic

A therapeutic for early-stage, high-risk COVID-19 patients

Y2X Life Sciences is developing the Y2X-201 therapeutic solution. Our HOCl-based therapeutic will be administered directly to the respiratory tract of newly diagnosed COVID patients in nebulized form. We are conducting clinical trials to demonstrate the effectiveness of Y2X-201 in preventing progression to severe COVID in high-risk patients.

The government-sponsored Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) has already indicated its intention to collaborate with Y2X on the trial.

According to the CDC, an average 16% of all COVID patients were high-risk, including those with:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Immunocompromised or Immunosuppressed
  • 65+ years of age

The Y2X-201 utilizes unique HOCl-generation technology that has the potential to significantly reduce mortality in COVID-19 patients. At-home administration could reduce the burden on healthcare systems around the world. Doses can be produced quickly, at scale, with no supply chain issues.

For more information on this and other Y2X Life Sciences HOCl-based technologies, contact us.


About Y2X Life Sciences – Headquartered in New York, Y2X Life Sciences is an innovative company with a focus on effective and safe products to disrupt the transmission of infectious disease. The company’s vision is to ensure healthy environments, prevent future pandemics and give people confidence to move safely in the world.

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